Saturday, 8 February 2014

Who am I?

Bright. Fun. Sweet. Sassy .. They were the words I originally used to describe my vision of CottonBerry. Somewhere along the way that changed a bit and I found myself struggling. 

It was an unintentional change, influenced by trends that I was seeing on Facebook from other page owners. It took me a while to realise that lace and frills, while very pretty, are just not me! 

But who was I then? 

Creating is something I have always done. To realise that I was dreading the very thought of making something was awful, and honestly, looking at my work table was depressing. The pressure to "keep up" with handmade trends, even if that pressure is only placed on us by ourselves, is so very draining on the creative soul. It might be corny but I think each item that is made by hand is special, it has the hopes and dreams of the creator in it, as an item has to start as someones creative vision first, don't you think? 

So with that in mind, I took a step back and let myself dream. I went through my old sketch books, the ones where I outlined my CottonBerry vision, where I thought up a business name, where I jotted notes about what I wanted to create, doodles of future designs, and in the process I started to rediscover who I was and what I wanted to create! 

So, what did I discover? 

I would have to say my creating style is sweet simplicity. Cheerful colours and patterns, maybe a smidge of lace and ribbon every now and then, but primarily unfussy happy designs that are for playful kids.

Dolls were just one thing I had wanted to make for CottonBerry, but they were never meant to be all I was making. My vision included bedroom decor for kids, bright, fun, happy decor to liven up a childs space! Funky artworks and quilts, cushions & buntings .. I haven't really done any of this to date but I plan to! 

I do have to remind myself that I am only one person and there is only so much I can achieve though .. Plus I need to develop some skills in the quilting department, my ability is limited to dolls quilts right now! But cushions and artworks, I have big plans for those!

T-shirts are something that was at the bottom of my vision list. It is funny that they were the item to kick start my creativity again! I have been making simpler versions for my daughter for a few years, just basic applique hearts, a xmas reindeer shirt, a babushka doll cutout .. I never really intended to add clothing to CottonBerry, but the other night I was doodling and then before I knew it I was cutting fabric and appliqueing it to a shirt and I was in love! 

So, my creative passion is back! What I create is probably going to be a bit random .. one week might be all about Sproggle Monsters, and the next about clothes! I might use fun florals one week, and the next skulls!

Ideas zip around my head all the time, inspiration twists me in all different direction, so I am just going to go with the flow in future and enjoy my crazy creative ride! 

I hope you will enjoy my crazy adventure with me! xox