Thursday, 28 March 2013

Introducing Abigail

When I started my latest doll I had a very clear idea of how I wanted her to look. I had spent weeks sketching faces, and hours researching exactly how to create her hair. I then proceeded to spend a couple of days stressing myself out of starting her! I very nearly put this creation in the "too hard basket" simply because I was terrified of trying something completely new and wasting so much time on her! 

It's funny though, this doll looks nothing like I had planned! As I worked on her she evolved into a completely different little miss, one that was sweet and natural and insistent on dressing in very soft, girly florals.. If I had had my way she would have been in luxurious jewel tones: yellow, aqua, deep pink and blue. And she would have looked ridiculous! I had had in my head that she would be name Katerina, a royal princess in search of her prince .. apparently she preferred the name Abigail, and while she loves long dresses she would rather search out flowers to pick! 

So, this is Abigail, my first doll with "hair". Each strand of her curly locks has been individually stitched, taking me around 3 hrs to do. I thought I would find the process tedious but it was actually very relaxing! I did end up with a lovely blister on the tip of my index finger from the needle, but the end result was worth the pain!

Abigail's dress was an interesting process.. I kind of made it up as I went! I knew what I wanted it to look like, and I have to admit that I am super proud of how it has turned out. Mind you, I never thought to trace out what I actually did to make it so recreating it is going to be interesting in future! haha

Abigail will be available to purchase just as soon as I figure out the best way to offer her! I can't decide whether to just make her available, ballot her or auction her. Feel free to comment with your preference, at this moment I am happy keeping her for myself :P lol


  1. Oh my, she is so beautiful!!! Well done! I'd prefer ballot but I probably couldn't afford her anyway. She's priceless.

  2. Hi. I found this through the 'Secret Doll Business' giveaway. Abigail is devine. The 3 hours spent sewing in the hair was worth it as it is her crowning glory :-)
    - Renae Elsie Georg

  3. Abigail is simply stunning... <3