Thursday, 7 June 2012

What is 'Rest'?

I wonder if Doctors are really serious when they tell mothers to rest? Surely they are internally laughing at the very idea, right? Because I don't think I know a single mother out there that can actually follow that advice!

For 3 weeks now I have been "under the weather" .. Just when I think I am over it, WHAM! It decides to knock me back on my butt! I am almost positive these germs are having a lot of fun at my expense. I don't know how many times I have sent them the message that I am over the "death warmed over look", they keep persisting on making me look and feel like a zombie.

I had a 5 day window where I felt mostly human again, which was so lovely. I had started to forget how nice it was to breathe through my nose and how my bones don't really creak and groan with every movement. Naturally though, that is when my 3 mini monsters came down with their versions of being unwell. But they couldn't all be unwell at the same time though. No, they all had to have there own separate turn of cuddles and days off school. I am sure it was the germs way of sabotaging my recovery. Just as my youngest mini monster started recovering I started with the sniffles again.

And all the lovely doctor recommends is rest. HAHAHAHAHA. I wonder if the doctor would like to come and enjoy my version of rest and all the work that goes with it!!

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