Monday, 10 December 2012

Busy Busy Busy

Hands up if you think I am the worst blogger alive! I am so hopeless, I keep forgetting that I started this blog and that I need to write on it regularly.. 

Anyways, I thought I would share some pictures of all the things that have been keeping be so busy lately!

Miss Miranda is one of the dolls that I have created recently and sold in my Hand-Made shop

I Love Hand-Made! It has been a fantastic process setting up and selling on there! Here is the link:, pop on over and have a looksee at all the gorgeousness available <3 

On the weekend just gone we celebrated my daughters 5th Birthday Party (her birthday isn't actually for another week but since it is so close to Christmas we had her party early). Here are a couple of pictures!

Double Barrel White Chocolate Mud Cake with Butterscotch Frosting made by the amazing Chelle H. xx

Gorgeous Cupcake fondant cake topper Made by Chelle H. xx

Cupcake Party Favors

I had to make 30 of these buggers! Do you know how long it takes to cut cellophane into squares and wrap 30 round cupcake cases filled with a few lollies and Smarties? I think it took me approximately 3 to 4 hours! I don't think I ever want to see another cupcake wrapper again!

I have also been busy with a few personal crafty creations! 

I made this T-Shirt and matching hair clip for my daughters Kindy Graduation (Shocking picture sorry, but it is super cute on her!)

This T-Shirt I made for the kids Christmas Concert.. I had found a couple of templates on Pinterest and liked elements of both so I kind of meshed them together to create something new! The original template links are : and
My daughter loves it, she wants to wear it to Kindy in the morning! I love making things my kids love!

Since we have established that I am a lousy blogger I think I will leave it at that and wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I may as well add Happy Easter too while I'm at it since we don't know when my next blog might be! hehe.. then again, I could surprise us all and turn this into a regular thing lol  xxx


  1. Coming over as part of the Secret Dolls Business Giveaway. I LOVE the bird shirt for your daughters graduation! I have very similar birds on the wall decals in the nursery for my bub. Can't wait till she is older and can wear gorgeous things like this!

    1. Thanks so much for dropping by! I have been thinking of adding applique Tshirts to my CottonBerry range, my daughter has quite a collection of Tshirts now :) xx