Saturday, 21 January 2012

CottonBerry Vs Husband...

Husbands, we have to love them .. don't we? I adore my husband, we have been together for 13 years, he is my best friend, my everything. But omg!! He is sooo disruptive to my routine and plans!! lol 

I started cutting the sweetest little Berry Girl a couple of days ago, but she is still sitting on my work table awaiting detail stitching... I'm sure I have watched Toy Story way too many times because I actually feel guilty for leaving her there in pieces.   

Then there is the kids routine... I am positive they haven't gotten to bed before 9:00pm in the past few days, and by the time they go to sleep it would have to be at least 10pm. Way later than the normal 7:30pm bedtime I enforce when dads away at work!! Thank goodness it's still school holidays!!

I should explain that my husband works away a fair bit of the time, so when we have him home the whole house goes into holiday mode. We have movie days, and shopping trips, we catch up with family and friends, we just try to spend as much time being a family as we can (housework goes out the window too.. I currently have half a cubby house built in my lounge room, and haven't done a load of washing in 4 days.. please dont knock on my door right now!! lol) 

So, even though I love him to pieces, miss him like mad when he is away, and love spending every moment I can with him while he is home, it doesn't mean I wouldn't love to hit my darling husband over the head with my quilters ruler every now and then for throwing all my well laid plans into chaos!! lol

Current Score: CottonBerry - 0 Husband - 1 ...

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