Tuesday, 31 January 2012

who boxes a lounge???

Last Wednesday saw the arrival of our new, much longed for, gorgeous lounge suite. My old one I hated from the day we bought it. I had envisioned a beautiful low lying couch full of plump cushions. My hubby wasn't sold on that idea and was looking at recliners. The sales assistant was so pushy, I really did want to slap her lol .. every time I tried to draw my hubby's eye towards what I liked she would intervene and point out that my hubby is very tall and would need neck support blah, blah, blah .. too bad she never took into consideration that I am not so tall and the stupid head rest would push my head forwards ensuring I could never sit comfortably on the hideous thing!! 

Anyways, after 5 years of hating the lounge that filled up my living room, reminding me on a daily basis how much I loathed it, I finally got my way and we bought a new lounge (insert a pleased, somewhat evil chuckle hehehe). It is beautiful. Low lying, leather base, full of plush, squishy cushions that I could lay on all day (or would if I didn't have a billion and one things to do every day lol)

There was a slight hiccup in the arrival of the new lounge however. The delivery guys rocked up and brought it inside... in boxes. Yes, boxes. 3 giant lounge sized boxes. Do you know how hard it is to try and get a chaise lounge and the 2 seat component out of giant lounge size boxes that fill up the room? By yourself? With 3 excited mini monsters wanting to help (because of course hubby was away at work when it arrived and wasn't going to be home for a couple more days!!) Bloody hard I tell you!! lol. After much maneuvering, a lot of cursing of the delivery guys (who wished me luck as they made a speedy exit!!) I finally had the new lounge out of their giant, pain in the butt, boxes. Phew lol. 

It looks so nice, and I am so glad that we got it... Now I just need to find the time to paint the lounge room! I'm thinking a feature wall of deep amethyst purple to match my dining chairs.. Oooh, I can't wait :)

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