Tuesday, 24 April 2012

It was all about the purple sneakers ...

Shopping with my 4 year old daughter is fun. Seriously, I love it! She has such a fun sense of style, and really knows what she likes. That can cause a few problems too though ...

We live in a smallish town. We have a Target Country, a Big W, 2 sports stores, a Just Jeans and a surf wear shop. (There are a few others, but for the point of my tale, I shall just point out the main ones where I tend to shop)

So anyways, back to my little fashion diva!

She wanted purple sneakers. Of course. Because what 4 year old, fashion forward missy wouldn't require purple sneakers! They couldn't be pink with purple details. They couldn't be white with purple soles. They had to be purple. And, of course, I had left buying them until the day before kindy started back so she needed a pair right now! So there was no time to get a pair sent from another store, and no time to travel to the next major town on the off chance they had purple sneakers.

We looked everywhere! We were down to the last sports store in town when we struck the jack pot! The smile on my little girls face as she found her purple sneakers was priceless! I didn't care that she had managed to jump from a size 9 into a size 12 shoe, and in doing so the price of the shoes had jumped up by $20. She had her purple sneakers and she is as proud as punch!

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